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GRTV News - Hyenas został anulowany przez Sega

Szabrownik z Creative Assembly został zabity.

Audio transcriptions

"Hello everyone and welcome back to another episode of GRTV News. Today we're going to be talking about something that happened actually relatively early yesterday but it's a really big story and it's a really quite shocking one at that as well because Sega has decided to cancel various different projects that are coming from its European developers, one of which is Hyenas. Now Hyenas is a quite high profile game at this point, it's coming from Creative Assembly, a rather large UK developer who's mostly known or previously has been known for the Total War games but they have that experience working on other things like Alien Isolation and Hyenas is this really unusual sort of loot shooter, sort of multiplayer title that brings together a lot of different Sega IPs and it's been in development for years at this point and they've done loads of different testing periods, beta periods, they've marketed the game so heavily, it had a huge presence at Gamescom with a massive booth and all this stuff but it's now been cancelled just out of the blue so yeah, let's take a look at that and explore why. Hyenas has been cancelled by Sega as will some other unannounced titles in development around Europe. Sega has already committed a huge amount of resources and money both to support the development of Hyenas and also to market it at major events like Gamescom and such but it seems like it is all for naught as in a recent press release from Sega Sammy it is revealed that Creative Assembly's Looter Shooter is being cancelled."

"As mentioned in a statement relating to how the company will be restructuring its European developers and bases, Sega states, in response to the lowered profitability of the European region we have reviewed the title portfolio of each development base in Europe and the resulting action will be to cancel Hyenas and some unannounced titles under development."

"There is no mention of what unannounced titles are being cancelled. Hyenas was expected to launch sometime this year following multiple betas and test periods, one of which we recently wrote about and discussed our conflicting thoughts about the game. You can find that preview right here. Are you disappointed to hear that Hyenas is being axed?
And yes, it's a really unusual situation this because again, this isn't a game that's been in development for a couple of years or something like that. It's fairly far down the pipeline but it's clearly not going in the direction the developer wants or what the publisher wants. It's too expensive or something like that so they decided to move on. This is a game that for the most part feels like it's nearly done. You know, the betas and all the different parts of the game that they've showed off shows that the game is in that sort of final sort of period where they're trying to iron out things, refine it and then just sort of touch up and do a bit of QA before they put it in the hands of players around the world. You know, sort of like the final sort of beta periods. But yeah, the game has been cancelled now, it will not be coming out. Again, it wasn't just Hyenas that's being cancelled here, there is various other unannounced projects as well but we're not too sure what they are. But again, no doubt this is going to be a huge impact on Creative Assembly who you know, spent so much time and resources developing this game and now they have to just drop it. And there are going to be a few different structure changes at Creative Assembly in regard to this as well. So you know, a huge decision from SEGA to move on from a project like this. But as we know more about how this is going to affect Creative Assembly, as we know, or maybe we'll never know, but hopefully we'll know what these unannounced projects are, we'll be sure to get you posted and updated. So until then, hope you enjoy the rest of your Friday, enjoy your weekend and we'll see you all on the next GRTV News on Monday. Take care everyone."

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