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Satechi iPad Pro hub (Szybki przegląd)

Udekoruj swoje biurko tym nowym, eleganckim stojakiem USB-C na iPada!

Audio transcriptions

"Hello everyone and welcome to another Gamereactor Quick Look.
I really like Satechi products mostly because they aren't too expensive, they're often really simple but they come up with just a really central, strong idea which they then will kind of extrapolate on and design their products around so it's very easy for a consumer to see oh, that's how it will make my life easier, more productive, whatever it is."

"One of the best examples of this is the iPad Pro hub.
Now at first glance it might not look like much because it's just a huge sort of aluminium block but it's so easy to show you how this is such a nice thing in general.
So let's say for instance that in your backpack you have a MacBook Air or a MacBook Pro and you want extra screen real estate and you happen to have an iPad."

"How do you make your iPad part of your general workflow which expands the available screen area that you have say on the go or even from like a home office?
Well this little metal block is designed to help you do that and it's also portable.
That's why it looks like this when it isn't unfolded."

"But let's try and unfold it so like this and here it is.
So this is how it will be sitting on your desk.
So there is rubber here in this little groove here and on this top bit of the panel.
That means that it won't scratch your iPad as you kind of put it in."

"That's one of the reasons why it's very nice is that it's so incredibly portable that it can just sit like this in your bag and then unclip as soon as you probably need it.
But that's not all that it does because you will probably need to charge your iPad when you use it."

"The point is that you would in some cases maybe let's say let's start with the home office analogy.
You might want to use your iPad as the main source of all of the stuff that you need to do."

"Well then it's also a hub.
Now as with all other hubs there is a number of different ports here on the back.
There is a jack.
There is a Thunderbolt USB Type-C plug, USB Type-A, HDMI and double SD card slots."

"Very nice.
How does all of this data travel to the iPad?
Well that is how I reveal this because here at the bottom you have the USB Type-C plug, the Thunderbolt port which goes directly into the iPad."

"It's hidden in this little groove here which means that the cable won't get in the way when you're not using it.
So imagine for a second that you plug in the iPad with the USB port here on the right hand side you plug it in."

"That is actually a really really nice way of looking at it.
So let's say that you have a MacBook here in front of you.
So the dock itself, the Pro Hub, would get its power from this USB Type-C port.
That would be, I actually use it with my iMac."

"So out of one of the USB Type-C ports on the back I have a cable which goes into here and then all of these data connections are usable through this central plug here.
I think that is just so simple and so neat.
So it can have the same space on your desk if you have a desk to sit at every day where this would come in handy."

"But it is also just so incredibly easy to simply use as a stand without all of these Figma jigs or electronic additions if you just wanted a nice unfoldable stand.
I mean this fits in like small pockets in your bag.
It could fit in your back pocket on your jeans if that's what you wanted."

"It's so small and it is light.
I mean it's not nothing.
It's just a very nice idea that is executed well which is what Satechi does incredibly well."

"So thank you so much for watching."





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