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Naraka: Bladepoint

Naraka: Bladepoint - Cross-over z NieR i nie tylko

Przeprowadziliśmy wywiad z menedżerem marki free-to-play dla wielu graczy, aby porozmawiać o najnowszych wiadomościach na temat gry i spojrzeniu w przyszłość.

Audio transcriptions

"Hi Gamereactor friends, I am Alberto Garrido and I'm here in Gamescom with Juan.
So thank you so much for joining us today and we are talking about Naraka Bladepoint and their future of this Battle Royale 2 free-to-play game."

"So first of all, thank you so much.
The last thing we know about it is the Nier franchise crossover.
So tell us more about it.
So the reason we wanted to work with Nier is to really go back to what it used to be."

"You know, back to the first beta we had in North America.
I saw, you know, the team saw the fan art, so with the 2B and my printing on it.
And we started to realize, okay, there's some similarity between, you know, the famous Nier IP and our game.
And so this is probably the first time we started to realize that we definitely gonna get Nier to work with them to a collaboration."

"And, you know, apart from that, we are both action games.
And, you know, and a lot of the team members are crazy about action games and they made a lot of action games.
So, you know, we reached out to Square Enix and then we've got a consent from each side.
And then we started to making those models and plot and trying to make it happen in our play point."

"So the free-to-play mode comes at the same time more or less than the PS5 release.
How you guys are happy with the release?
There is more players playing now in Naraka.
What can we expect from the future of Naraka play point?
Yeah, and, you know, actually the very reason we're trying to go free-to-play is, you know, we already celebrate..."

"You know, we were celebrating 20 million players across the globe.
So that number really gave us the confidence to go without the paywall and to give back to the community.
So we decided to launch on the new platform, which is the PS5, and we go through free-to-play.
And, you know, for the results, we definitely see a lot of growth to the player base."

"So we double the concurrent users on Steam.
And we've been selected as the player's choice for PlayStation in July.
So for the future, we as the dev team, we definitely gonna put more works into the new contents, new weapons, new heroes.
And for now, the team is also working on the third map in Naraka play point."

"And so for the future, we're gonna promise to our community that we're gonna give out more content.
And even doing better than what we used to do for the past two years.
Well, that's a lot of things to do.
And I'm so happy to play Naraka play point."

"You can do it as a free-to-play.
And thank you so much.
Thank you."





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